Synchronisation of an Automotive Multiconcern Development Process
Authors: Martin Skoglund, Fredrik Warg, Hans Hansson, and Sasikumar Punnekkat

Standardisation has a primary role in establishing common ground and providing technical guidance on best practices. However, as the methods for Autonomous Driving Systems design, validation and assurance are still in their initial stages, and several of the standards are under development or have been recently published, an established practice for how to work with several complementary standards simultaneously is still lacking. To bridge this gap, we present a unified chart describing the processes, artefacts, and activities for three road vehicle standards addressing different concerns: ISO 26262 - functional safety, ISO 21448 - safety of the intended functionality, and ISO 21434 - cybersecurity engineering. In particular, the need to ensure alignment between the concerns is addressed with a synchronisation structure regarding content and timing.

Keywords: Functional Safety, Cybersecurity, Multi-concern, SOTIF, Automotive, ISO 26262, ISO 21448, ISO 21434
Fulltext: pdf
Published: SAFECOMP 2021 Workshops, DECSoS
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-83906-2_5

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